Body images are filtered next iPhone 6S

Body images are filtered next iPhone 6S

We have seen some pictures of what was supposed could be the new iPhone, which according to leaked could bring a dual camera, although there was nothing concrete had hope that something new is coming mainly in its new terminal, well, with these new images doubts are over, what we see outwardly in the new smart phone is, so to speak, as the previous model.

Now this does not mean that changes are coming, as you know Apple has a habit of changing the design every two years and each year some improvements in various aspects such as camera and screen, but if we talk about design virtually’ll see that the new iPhone 6S is externally identical to the iPhone 6, curved corners, lines for the antenna, a thin-aluminum body, the location of the ports and the speaker output remain the same spot, the camera and light LED also have the same location, just hope that Apple presents a more megapixels.

So if you can see one of the images is the difference inside especially in the location of the screws or the way that the components Iran maintains another structure for a new logic board. It is expected that the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus hit the market with the Force Touch technology, a better camera, better processor and a renewed screen, for those who want to know when will be hitting the new terminal is expected to be in September.

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