The best app for getting the most out of summer

The best app for getting the most out of summer


Some already we’re on vacation and others will be waiting anxiously awaited moment arrives that. As for all of you we will present a number of interesting applications that will be able to carry in your mobile and you will be essential to make the most of this summer.

Gasoline Lowcost
Before leaving trip is interesting, more in the times, to know what the cheapest gas station in the area. With this app you can find it through a comparator through geolocation indicates the most affordable of those around us at that time.

Thanks to this collaborative application by users, we can know in real time all kinds of traffic incidents. Among the information users are sharing deductions you can be highlighted in traffic accidents or threat thereof, prices or warnings radar stations.

In the event that we have we opted to use the aircraft as a means of transport, thanks to this tool you can save up to 40% on flight, or so say its developers. The trick is that the app own analyzes thousands of prices daily to predict the ups and downs of cost and advise when to buy tickets at the best price possible.

Through this app we will be able to find accommodation quickly with users put their own home or rent rooms to tourists, all at a probably more affordable than hotels price.

Cruise Ship Mate
If you are lucky to be cruising, this application contains detailed information on all lines and major shipping and descriptions of the interior of the selected ships or how will our cabin.


Once we reached our destination, it is always interesting to know the state of the beaches that we will visit. Well, iPlaya information available on the Spanish coast of aspects such as temperature, UV index, the state of the air, the temperature of the water or surf. All these data obtained from the Meteorological Agency.


Be careful with the sun, and increasingly, to help us in this we have this app. Basically detects the level of ultraviolet radiation from where we are to know the level we should use sunscreen using a color code that warn of dangers at all times.

This is a particularly suitable for surfers tool because it provides information about the best beaches to practice this sport with waves, wind force, etc.

Then came the snack time for which will be really useful Chiringuía. Has a large database of these businesses is growing day by day thanks to the experiences of users. You can create your own routes of bars, rate or comment of those who go to help other visiting tourists.

After the beach and the pool bar, always a good nap is appreciated. Well, this app will help us in this task, because it has a smart alarm that wakes us at the perfect time. We can schedule it for long or short naps and collects information about the state of rest that we’ve had.

How to get rid of annoying mosquitoes at times of maximum relaxation this summer? This application is an option, and that makes the mobile emits a inaudible to us and annoying insects to ultrasound. It is also capable of varying the frequency of the sound depending on the region in which we find ourselves, as it varies the type of mosquito.

If you are of those vacationers who prefer to tourist routes across the country, Kolobee will love because it is a tourist guide with fun facts and anecdotes about the places you go visiting. Also it reports through notifications of these events whenever we approach a new place. At the moment it is only available for Android.

Help me – SOS International
In the event that we are in some trouble when we go abroad, by means of this tool you can call the police, ambulance or fire more than 200 countries. Similarly we will be able to send our exact location to any contact.

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