Windows 8.1 Continues to Gain Traction

Windows 8.1 Continues to Gain Traction

Windows 8.1 Continues to Gain TractionMicrosoft’s latest operating system continues to gain users, according to new data, though its growth has been quite slow. 

According to data released by StatCounter on Tuesday, Windows8.1 has surpassed its immediate predecessor, Windows 8, in worldwide internet usage. In the month of August, Windows 8.1 has grown to 7.5 percent of all devices, passing Windows 8 with 6.6 percent. Windows 7 continues its reign with just over 50 percent of the internet usage share. With 12.9 percent, Windows XP “refuses to die” despite Microsoft ending support for the operating system earlier this year. Meanwhile Apple’s latest versions of OS X lag behind with just 7.8 percent. “Following a mixed reaction to Windows 8, perhaps because of its radical new look, Windows 8.1 appears to be winning over users,” said Stat Counter’s chief executive Aodhan Cullen. 

Net Applications’ data for the month of August seems to paint a similar picture. It claims that Windows 8.1 snatched up a 7.09 percent market share, up from 6.56 in July. Despite the Windows 8.1 update, many are still using Windows 8, which had 6.28 percent of the market in August. According to Net Applications, Windows 7 had 51.24 percent and XP held onto 23.89 percent. Apple’s Mac OC had just 6.74 percent and Linux snatched up 1.67 percent. Overall, Microsoft’s Windows OS reigned supreme with over 90 percent of the market. Microsoft is expected to drop the Windows 8.X line for Windows 9, codenamed Threshold. The next Windows OS is expected to launch in preview mode following a press conference on September 30th and is rumored to launch officially in April 2015. 

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